I'm an illustrator and a part-time MA Graphic Arts student @ UWE, Bristol.

I'm also Polish and have been living, working and studying in the UK since 2007. My full name was giving me a headache for so many years, being misspelt and confusing, so I shortened it to something easy to remember (bla, bla,bla...is it?) :)

Spending many years in England and completing BA studies in Illustration I developed a passion for printmaking. I'm prolific in lino-cut, woodcuts and letterpress printing. 

Graphic storytelling and book form are the main elements of my practice. 

Most recently I developed an interest in motion graphic learning some animating techniques.

I'm in the process of adding those in my work and keep building on new ways to expand my skills. 

For many years I've been involved in mural work, creating some wonderful and atmospheric restaurant spaces in Cheltenham, Coventry, Oxford and London.  

In my practice, I explore and use a metaphor. My work is a commentary on my experiences and situations from around the world, yet portrayed in fantasy and surreal universes. 


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